We’re hiring! (Awesome WordPress designers, only.)

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We’ve loved this website but it’s time for a serious makeover – apply and join our team! We’re looking for a great, self-motivated, talented current New School student/Wordpress designer/developer for. Soon-to-be alumni are also eligible to apply, as all of this work will happen during the month of June (you … Continued

We have a Story to share

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On Tuesday night alumna and research fellow Daphna Lewinshtein (DEED ’12) and faculty member/director Cynthia Lawson will be pitching scarves made by Ajkem’a Loy’a in San Lucas Tolimán at Story in New York City. They’re calling for “Good people, good products…” Sounds like us, right? Keep your fingers crossed at … Continued

Communities of _________

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NOTE: This symposium was postponed due to Hurricane Sandy. Stay tuned for the new date, for sometime in the spring semester (most likely towards the end of February.) DEED started five years ago, in fall 2007, so to celebrate its 5th anniversary we’re organizing Communities of: _________, an Exhibition and Symposium … Continued

Day 3: Anserma

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What a fantastic day. Although never made explicit, the big difference between yesterday and today was our group agreeing that we should have “demonstration of entrepreneurial spirit” as a criteria for groups with whom we are interested to collaborate. This was apparent in today’s group – although they do not … Continued

Day 2: San Lorenzo

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Our town visits started today with an afternoon in San Lorenzo, about 2 hours from Manizales. In true plan-all-you-want-but-this-is-real-life-style, the plan we finalized yesterday evening with the student team had to be scrapped. It’s better to remain flexible & improvise on the spot, than engage in non-productive activities. Perhaps the … Continued

Town (and craft) hopping

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And we’re off! We’ll be town-hopping through Thursday. Our first stop is Rio Sucio, in which an artisan association in an indigenous reserve focuses on weaving baskets and accessories. Then, we’re off to Anserma to learn the local craft surrounding locally grown silk thread weaving (they even create accessories with … Continued

Debriefing and team dynamics

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We’re not sure what is the exact formula, but we are, each time, impressed and pleasantly surprised, by the fantastic team dynamics our students engage in when participating in our fieldwork programs. Perhaps this is the nature of international travel with thoughtful, intelligent, engaged, sensitive, university students? Perhaps our focus … Continued

Day 1: Manizales

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Most of the DEED student team has arrived in Manizales and the project has been kicked off with a bang (and an activity-filled day.) An event with several speakers inaugurated the project. Here, we gave a presentation entitled “Design, Innovation, and Craft without Borders: the Case of DEED” which was … Continued

Summary, summer 2010

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Our last few days in Guatemala were so hectic we did not get around to blog and report back on all of the work we were able to accomplish. Now, with a bit of time, and back in NYC, I am happy to share this summary of our work (our … Continued

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