Our student team

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Every time I travel with a team of students for an international project, I truly believe that group could never be surpassed in their energy, skills, support for one another, and eagerness to learn. I have, again, been proven wrong. This year’s team is yet another superb group of students … Continued

Ajkem’a Loy’a’s latest scarves

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modeled by one of our students! We were excited to see how much Ajkem’a Loy’a has been experimenting with new color palettes, and even new scarf designs (with a variety of color combinations and weaving techniques.) Click on the image to see the next one.

Santiago Zamora

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We have been working in the municipality of San Antonio Aguas Calientes since the beginning of June, and we finally had the opportunity to visit Santiago Zamora – a small village that is part of San Antonio and just a 5-minute drive. In Santiago we have found an eager and … Continued

Earth Lodge

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This past weekend I had the opportunity to visit Earth Lodge – a wonderful lodge just 20 minutes outside of Antigua with absolutely stunning views, delicious home cooked meals, and an extremely friendly and international staff. I was particularly moved by the work that co-owner Briana is doing in the … Continued

Teaching Spaces

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To be resourceful is always a prevalent, yet unpredictable, learning opportunity that these kinds of fieldwork programs offer to our students. This year, in particular, we have had some challenging moments when it comes to teaching spaces – not always knowing if we have to hold an impromptu workshopon the … Continued

Overheard in Antigua, Guatemala

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A family of tourists overheard at one of the many stalls of Antigua’s large artisan market: Man (holding a football/soccer jersey up) asking vendor, “Do you have a jersey from America?” Vendor (referring to the Latin American football teams that are called ‘America’) replies in Spanish, “No, that one is … Continued

Workshop: Basic English

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This week was a tough one to attract participants to our workshops because everyone is either participating in or preparing for this weekend’s festivities, in celebration of San Antonio de Padua (the town’s patron saint.) However, we kicked off our workshop series with English workshops. Below are spreads from a … Continued

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