Social Entrepreneurs of San Antonio Aguas Calientes

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Although most of our time in Guatemala has been spent on working with the women in Santiago Zamora, we have also dedicated time to a few social entrepreneurs in San Antonio Aguas Calientes. These entrepreneurs each informed us about their separate interests and we have come together as collaborating consultants … Continued

Teaching Spaces

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To be resourceful is always a prevalent, yet unpredictable, learning opportunity that these kinds of fieldwork programs offer to our students. This year, in particular, we have had some challenging moments when it comes to teaching spaces – not always knowing if we have to hold an impromptu workshopon the … Continued

Overheard in Antigua, Guatemala

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A family of tourists overheard at one of the many stalls of Antigua’s large artisan market: Man (holding a football/soccer jersey up) asking vendor, “Do you have a jersey from America?” Vendor (referring to the Latin American football teams that are called ‘America’) replies in Spanish, “No, that one is … Continued

Workshop: Basic English

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This week was a tough one to attract participants to our workshops because everyone is either participating in or preparing for this weekend’s festivities, in celebration of San Antonio de Padua (the town’s patron saint.) However, we kicked off our workshop series with English workshops. Below are spreads from a … Continued

First session in San Antonio Aguas Calientes

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Students organized a successful information session for Monday afternoon. It was promoted via posters that were taped around town, flyers they handed out, word of mouth by walking door to door, and via a man on a tricycle with a megaphone who rode around town broadcasting the purpose and time … Continued

A Politicized “Beauty” Pageant

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Last Friday we had the fortune to attend the election of the Reina Flor del Cafe 2009 in San Antonio. It was really wonderful to see how the concept of a pageant was adapted to an indigenous community, with an emphasis on the preservation of their culture and traditions. The … Continued

Community Tourism

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A 2-hour debriefing session yesterday afternoon with all of the students led to some specific decisions in terms of how we want to be working here in San Antonio, and with the artisan groups that we met on Wednesday. We’ve decided to move forward under the budding local program of … Continued

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