A story of group dynamics

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As was the case with our first group, Ajkem’a Loy’a, in San Lucas Toliman, this summer we have experienced our bit of small-town gossip, envy, and jealousy, and a translation of the personal into the professional as the women’s groups in Santiago Zamora have been created, dissolved, and reconfigured to … Continued

A new product (already!)

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On Friday, during our first meeting in Santiago Zamora we briefly discussed with the cooperative that they need to be strategic about what they make in terms of pricing. As an example, we used a long belt they were weaving (they traditionally use a backstrap loom woven belt/sash to tie … Continued

The tourist program

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During the spring semester course at Parsons, Designing Collaborative Development, our student team prototyped ideas they felt could benefit the group of artisan women in Santiago Zamora.  The overarching idea was to promote their village as a tourist destination with a series of activities and workshops that the group would … Continued

Logo prototypes

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We want to help Ixoki A’J Quiemo L’ (the Mayan weavers cooperative in Santiago Zamora) brand themselves so as to create stronger promotional materials for them to distribute in Antigua and attract more tourists to their village. Here are some ideas we developed this weekend and which we will present … Continued


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We have divided our days into doing field research around Antigua, which is the most touristy city in Guatemala, full of cafés, restaurants, and of course, tourists studying spanish and looking for interesting day excursions in nearby areas.  It is those tourists that we believe we can invite to visit … Continued

Our first visit with Santiago Zamora

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Friday afternoon was our first visit to Santiago Zamora with the artisan group with whom we are working.  After a wonderfully folkloric trip on the jam-packed public bus, we arrived to San Antonio Aguas Calientes from where we then took a small van to our final destination. We met with … Continued

Our team

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This is the summer 2010 team that will be working in Antigua and Santiago Zamora, Guatemala until late June.  This year we have 7 students and 1 faculty member, all from Parsons. From left to right, front row: Mindy Tom (BFA Product Design), Arielle Paredes (BFA Integrated Design), Brianna Morris … Continued

We’re back in Guatemala!

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We are thrilled to be back in Guatemala and will be updating you via this site during the next 10 days.  This summer we are prototyping a smaller scale initiative that will be implemented and tested by our team of 7 Parsons students in collaboration with the artisan women of … Continued

They Have a Name!

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We are excited to announce that the women in Santiago Zamora have come to an agreement on a name for their association: Ixoki A’J ru xel Quiem or “Señoras Tejedoras Nativas.” We have been working with the official group of 11 women to create a set of rules and regulations, … Continued

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