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Resource List

Through our work with students, faculty, and external partners, we come across a wide range of interesting material that relate to the artisan sector. This link connects you to the growing list of resources we have gathered so far as a research lab. The list contains information about research, companies, case studies, articles, toolkits, NGOs, initiatives, etc. that relate to the artisan sector ecosystem in one way or another.

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Workshop Guides

We are working on creating a comprehensive guide of the different workshops and co-creation methods we have used in our fieldworks and research. In the meantime you can check the different fieldwork projects we have conducted.

Guiding Principles

Over the years we have found many benefits in having a set of principles that guide our fieldwork. It has allowed us to be more focused, mindful and critical of both our process and outcome. We have created a small tutorial that would lead you towards creating your own set of principles that you can bring into either your personal or organizations work process.