About Us

Sustainability Triangle

DEED is a research laboratory founded in 2007 at Parsons School for Design, The New School, New York City. We focus on the future of indigenous artisans and their children. Through fieldwork programs, strategic partnerships, and academic research, our focus is on models that equally support poverty alleviation, artisan empowerment, and cultural preservation.

Our current questions include but are not limited to


Is cultural preservation a privileged posture and how can it be a responsibility shared across various stakeholders?


How might a commitment to transparency in the companies who market artisan goods lead to better-informed consumers and fairer wages for artisans?


Do artisans need additional capacities to be respected, treated, and paid as designers?

DEED is a collaborative effort by students and faculty from across several divisions of The New School, artisan groups in emerging economies, foundations, individual donors, retailers, external partners, and friends.