In an attempt to better understand the source of the inequities, and how the artisan sector can approach greater fairness, the DEED Lab, with affiliated researchers Elizabeth Bailey and Luciana Jabur, has embarked on developing and publishing a series of case studies of a wide range of businesses and organizations working in the sector. The case studies aim to represent a snapshot of the current global artisan sector to better identify the various existing business and support models. 

We are interested in acknowledging both successes and failures; what is working and what is not, and more importantly what could work in the future. We hope to create a resource that leads to the advancement of the sector as a whole by allowing both current and new stakeholders to learn from existing organizations, and not reinvent the wheel. 

Do you know a group, organization, or company whose work we should profile in a case study? If so, please drop us a line. We’re particularly interested in learning about BIPOC and artisan-led initiatives.


Organizations profiled

  • Abury
  • Duka
  • Friends of Tilonia
  • Global Goods Partners
  • International Folk Art Market
  • Mercado Global 
  • Nest
  • Novica


  • Robert Burack, DEED Fellow (2019 – 20) and lead author
  • Silvia Garuti, DEED Research Assistant (2019 – 20) and graphic designer
  • Luciana Jabur, affiliated researcher
  • Elizabeth Bailey, affiliated researcher
  • Alik Mikaelian, DEED Fellow (2017 – 19)


  • Cynthia Lawson Jaramillo, Associate Professor of Integrated Design, Parsons

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